Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce in TX

Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce in TX

While many divorces arise from discord in a marriage, the divorce process does not have to be one contentious battle after another. Divorcing spouses have options that help them stay sane, as well as save time and other resources. One such option is collaborative divorce, which is a specially-designed process that takes place outside of divorce court.

The following are only some of the many benefits of collaborative divorce. To learn whether this is the right route for your case, consult directly with a Tarrant County collaborative divorce attorney.

Saving Time, Money, and Stress

Divorce can be expensive, but some divorces are much costlier than others. If you and your spouse litigate several issues, it can draw out the process and increase your legal fees significantly. You and your attorney can spend a lot of time and energy preparing to go to court, and court hearings themselves can be highly stressful.

With collaborative divorce, you agree with your spouse and your respective attorneys to keep the case out of court. In fact, there are consequences if either party wants to litigate any issue, as your attorneys must withdraw and you have to start over. This penalty helps couples work out their issues out of court to avoid the resources needed for litigation.

Helping with Co-Parenting

It can be difficult for newly-divorced parents to work together to co-parent their child in a healthy manner for the child. This is especially true if you had to go through courtroom battles to finalize your divorce. Collaborative divorce involves working together to resolve your differences, which can set the stage for positive co-parenting in the future.

Additionally, collaborative divorces utilizes child and parenting experts who can help the parents resolve their child-related matters and advise them on how to move forward in the best interests of their children.


In nearly all Tarrant County divorce proceedings, the Courts require each party to compete an Inventory and Appraisement of all of the assets and debts of the community property and separate property of the parties. The collaborative law model requires the parties to work with a financial neutral who will work with the parties and their lawyers to create a joint Inventory and Appraisement and help develop options to meet goals set by the parties. This is one cost-saving benefits, as well as a huge benefit, of collaborative law.


Most people do not want the details of their marriages and finances exposed for the world to see with a court records search. If you litigate any part of your divorce, the courtroom will be open to anyone who wants to observe the hearing, other litigants who may be waiting for their case to be heard, and everything that happens in court is a matter of public record.

With collaborative divorce, everything happens at a law office or another private location, and this helps your personal information remain confidential. Even if this is not a priority for you at the time, it can benefit you in the long run following a divorce. Also, the terms of the settlement can be kept out of the public record if the parties specifically request it before the Order is entered with the Court.

Speak with a Tarrant County Collaborative Divorce Attorney

While there are many benefits that spouses can experience from collaborative divorce, this is not the right process for everyone. If your divorce involves domestic violence, substance abuse, financial disparity, or other issues, it might not be possible to keep the matter out of court. It is always worth learning about and exploring all of your options, however. If you are in the Tarrant County area, do not wait to consult with Hoppes Law Firm by calling 817-283-3999 or contacting us online today.