Child Support Enforcement

Hurst Child Support Enforcement Attorney

When parents separate or divorce, they must resolve child-related matters, including custody (called conservatorship in Texas) and child support. Parents can agree on child support or the court can order one parent to pay support to the other in accordance with Texas law. Just because there is a child support order in place, however, does not mean the parent will make the required payments.

If you are not receiving child support as you should, it is important to take action to enforce the court order. You should not wait to seek help from a child support enforcement lawyer in Tarrant County. Hoppes Law Firm is here to help.

Texas Child Support Division

The Texas Office of the Attorney General has a Child Support Division (CSD) that is charged with helping parents pay and receive court-ordered child support. Their services help to facilitate regular payments, but also to enforce child support orders when non-payment occurs. Some enforcement efforts can include:

These methods can work to ensure that the recipient parent gets the payments they need, and the right attorney can help you determine if this is the right course of action for enforcement purposes.

Filing an Enforcement Action in Court

In many situations, your lawyer will determine that it is necessary to file a child support enforcement petition with the family court. This petition requests that the court take action to enforce the existing child support order. This can be done in different ways, such as:

The consequences of not paying child support can be harsh, so it is important for parents to comply with court orders.

Do Not Take Matters into Your Own Hands

If you cannot pay child support as ordered, simply stopping payments might seem like the easiest route. This is a mistake, however, as you can face serious consequences for non-payment. Instead, speak with a child support attorney in Tarrant County about a possible modification of the child support order.

If you are not receiving the support you need, you might be tempted to withhold access to your child from the non-paying parent. However, you can also face consequences for violating your possession and access order, so it is always best to seek legal assistance instead of trying to address the matter on your own.

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