Collaborative Divorce

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If you are preparing to get divorced, it is critical to know that you have different options for the roadmap of your case. Not every divorce case is highly contentious, requiring multiple court hearings to resolve matters. One option that can be beneficial for spouses who are willing to work together is referred to as collaborative divorce. To learn more about this process and whether it might be right for you, contact a Tarrant County collaborative divorce lawyer at Hoppes Law Firm, PLLC directly.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce does not simply mean that you and your spouse collaborate and compromise to agree on issues. Instead, it is a specific process of divorce that has certain requirements and benefits.

Each spouse should hire their own attorney who has experience with the collaborative divorce process. All four parties - the spouses and their lawyers - must sign a contract stating they will work to agree on all relevant issues and avoid court intervention.

The attorneys can enlist the help of experts to assist with the collaborative process, including but not limited to:

With the help of this team, the spouses will try to reach agreements on how to resolve all relevant issues in their divorce, which can include:

If agreements are reached, the attorneys can draft the settlement agreement to present to the court for approval.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Why should you and your spouse consider collaborative divorce? Your attorney can advise you about how this process can benefit your specific situation, but the following are some examples of how the process can be beneficial:

The Collaborative Divorce Roadmap

While each collaborative divorce case is unique and should be approached as such, the general roadmap of a collaborative divorce case is as follows:

Your attorney can advise you on a more detailed schedule of what to expect.

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