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Much of family law centers on divorce, but there are many other types of cases that go before the family court. All legal issues that involve your family can significantly impact your relationships, finances, and future, so you want to achieve the best possible outcome no matter what your case involves. We have a proven track record at Hoppes Law Firm, PLLC, our family lawyers handle a wide range of cases in Hurst and the surrounding areas. Please contact us directly to learn how we might assist you.

Your Family Law Matter

There are many family-related legal matters that can arise, and divorce is one of the most common. We handle complex issues in divorce cases, including:

Division of Your Marital Property – Texas is a community property state, and all community property must be divided in a just and right manner. Community property is all property acquired by either spouse, during the marriage. Separate property is property either spouse owned before marriage, as well as property acquired by gift or inheritance. Each spouse retains their separate property. Characterizing property as either community or separate is crucial when negotiating a property settlement or when presenting evidence to the Court in trial.

Child Custody (Conservatorship) – For divorcing couples who share children, child custody (known as conservatorship in Texas) is typically a primary concern. Conservatorship includes rights and duties regarding decision making for the child and includes physical possession and access to a child. Texas law presumes that joint managing conservatorship is in the best interest of the child. Generally, this means certain rights and duties will be allocated between the parents and a possession and access schedule will determine physical possession of the child. However, there may be specific facts that can overcome the joint managing conservatorship presumption.

Child Support – The State of Texas finds that all parents are responsible for financially supporting their children, and child support orders are intended to ensure this occurs. Child support is based on state calculation guidelines and is generally paid by the possessory conservator to the managing conservator. Child support orders also take into consideration the payor’s income, and it might be possible to modify these orders in the future, if financial circumstances change.

We handle a wide range of family law cases in addition to divorce and its related issues, such as:

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