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Hurst Parenting Plan Lawyer

When parents divorce or otherwise split up, deciding how you will share conservatorship of your child can be a stressful matter. Once you agree on a conservatorship arrangement or the court does it for you, the issue is not over. This is because you need to develop a highly detailed parenting plan for the court to approve.

At Hoppes Law Firm, we help clients create parenting plans that work for their specific situations, and that work to govern shared conservatorship arrangements. Do not hesitate to consult with a Tarrant County parenting plan attorney today.

Texas Law on Parenting Plans

Texas law sets out guidelines to ensure that child-related decisions are all made based on what is in the best interests of the child. The law and public policy dictate the following regarding child-related issues:

Courts look to see if parenting plans reflect these principles when possible.

Developing Your Parenting Plan

Parenting is highly subjective, and determining how you will share time and decision-making authority regarding your children is undoubtedly an emotional issue. However, when establishing your parenting plan, you want to focus on practical considerations - not emotions. An experienced family lawyer can provide an objective perspective and knowledge of legal requirements to help develop an effective parenting plan.

In order for a parenting plan to be approved by the court, it must address the following:

If you are having difficulty agreeing on one or more issues required in your parenting plan, our legal team can help with negotiation or represent you in mediation. We work to ensure you can design your own parenting plan whenever possible instead of turning it over to the court. If needed, we will fight to represent your interests and rights as a parent before the court, so you receive a fair parenting plan.

Consult with a Tarrant County Parenting Plan Attorney

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